When We Get 1,000 Views, S.T. Joshi Interview Will Be Uploaded

Greetings from the Netherworld,

This site was only formed two days ago. We have already had a lot of activity and I am excited to see where it takes us in the future.

Several months ago, I had an online interview with Lovecraftian scholar S.T. Joshi. At the time of the interview, I wanted to feature it in an E-Magazine. That unfortunately never panned out. I see this site as the perfect place to publish it.

If you don’t know who S.T. Joshi is, simply type his name into google and be amazed. He is THE Lovecraft scholar. He has written hundreds of books and edited even more, all dealing with our favorite cosmic voice.

We almost reached a 100 views within the first day of this site being up. When we get to a thousand, I will post the interview! So share, share, share.

Once we hit that mark, you will see an original interview, never-before-published, and your brain will be filled with amazing and interesting Lovecraft trivia.


-C.P. Dunphey

Lovecraft Bust 2__OTIS


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