Editing Services

Greetings from the Ethereal Plane,

Gehenna & Hinnom Books hosts a team of talented writers, editors, and publicists.

If you have a short story you are prepping for publication, or you have a novel that needs that finishing touch of revisions, feel free to email us with an inquiry.  There is no set price or budget we require, as each work is different and we are also aware of the ridiculous prices charged by most editors.

We promise to work with you, with your budget, and your time constraints.  We also vow to help in any way possible, with the goal in mind of perfecting your vision and bringing your brain child into a wonderful, thriving existence.

Available Editors:

C.P. Dunphey

Dunphey is the author of the science fiction novel, Plane Walker, chief editor of Gehenna & Hinnom books, editor for The Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum, editor-in-chief for the forthcoming 1AU Publishing, editor-in-chief of the Fiction Writing Society of USM, and also an active member of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers .  He has revised and edited hundreds of stories and novels since becoming a freelance editor in 2012, many of these works seeing publication.

Contact C.P. Dunphey at cpdunphey (at) gmail (dot) com with any inquiries.