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Gehenna & Hinnom is proud to have worked with the following, talented writers.


G.A. Miller

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G.A. Miller discovered horror very early on, courtesy of Creature Features on television in the late-1950’s/early-1960’s. There, he first saw the Universal classic monster movies and many others. As he grew a little older, a friend’s brother had a treasure trove of EC Comics from the mid-1950’s and this only furthered his fascination.

In 1976, he browsed paperbacks at a newsstand, a cover catching his eye. Embossed black, with one spot of color on it: a red drop of blood. It was the first paperback printing of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, and it marked his induction as a Constant Reader, a position he still enjoys to this day.

Updates on Miller’s ventures as a writer and horror enthusiast can be found on his website: G.A. Miller

Catch G.A. Miller this year in our Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology with his visceral story, “Ear Wax,” inspired by events that may be a little more real than you would hope.

Carl R. Jennings


Carl R. Jennings is, by day, a thickly Russian accented bartender in Southwestern Virginia. By night, he is the rooster-themed superhero: the Molotov Cocktail, protecting the weak and beer-sodden. While heroically posing on a rooftop in the moonlight in case a roaming photographer happens by, he finds the time to write down a word or two in the lifelong dream that he can put aside the superhero mantle and utility comb and become a real author.

Like Carl R. Jennings’ Facebook page or follow him on Twitter @carlrjennings.

Catch Carl R. Jennings this year in our Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology with his psychological and grotesque story, “Cicada,” following a man and his encounter with a monstrous insect.

 David Turton


David Turton has extensive training in Journalism, Marketing and Public Relations and has been writing as a career for over fourteen years. A huge horror fiction fan, particularly the works of Stephen King, David has written several short stories, all centred around dark tales of horror and dystopia. He is also in the final stages of his first novel, an apocalyptic horror set in the near future.

Follow David on Twitter @davidturton.

Catch David this year in our Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology with his phallic-filled story “Length,” centered around a man, who after an encounter with a gypsy witch, begins to experience an abnormal amount of growth in a very particular place.

Josh Shiben


Josh Shiben lives in the swamps of Fredericksburg, Virginia with his wife and two mongrels. An aerospace engineer by day and couch potato by night, Josh has from a young age been in love with storytelling. His work can be found in collections scattered across the various corners of the internet, covering everything from vampires to domesticated velociraptors.

Catch Josh Shiben this year in our Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology with his disturbed tale, “No Strings”, following a man battling a squirming infection in ways unorthodox and macabre.

Follow Josh on Twitter @Hokieshibe1987, Facebook, and visit his Blog.

Ed Burkley


Ed Burkley is a Social Psychologist living in Oklahoma. By day he works as a professor and researcher studying human behavior at Oklahoma State University. By night he writes about the darker side of the human condition. His short fiction appears in the forthcoming Smoking Pen Press anthology Uncommon Pet Tales and the new series Night Shades by Firth Books.

Catch Ed Burkley this year in our Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology with his Lovecraftian science fiction/horror narrative, “Little Monsters,” following the sole member of a spaceship crew as he fights hunger and insidious lifeforms captured in hopes to save Earth.

Find more information about Burkley here.

Jenya Joy Preece


Jenya Joy found her love of horror when she was twelve years old while reading Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart and The Raven for a school assignment. From that day on, she couldn’t get enough of the genre.

In 2009, she dedicated herself to writing only what she calls, “good honest horror.” Her work is not for the weak of stomach or faint of heart, which she’d have no other way. Nothing brings her more joy in life than to spread fear and emotions through writing.

Find Jenya Joy on Instagram @jenyajoy and Facebook.

Catch Jenya this year in our Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology with her devilishly relatable story, “Hot Flashes,” about a woman who might just melt from the heat of her own home.

Charlotte Baker


Charlotte Baker recently finished her MA in Horror and Transgression, and her research into the horror genre and use of skin as a method of spectatorship won the ‘Best Dissertation’ award at the University of Derby. Her main areas of interest include: psychoanalysis, horror film/television, and spectatorship. Charlotte is currently a sessional lecturer in Film Production at the University of Derby and an author. She has published a series of novellas, alongside thirteen short stories and articles.

Find Charlotte on Facebook.

Catch Charlotte this year in our Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology with her meticulously-written story, “Eruption,” following a character with an affliction that spreads quickly, bringing with it terrible symptoms.

Sergio Palumbo

Sergio - ente per ente- PALUMBO

Sergio is an Italian public servant who graduated from Law School working in the public real estate branch. He has published a Fantasy RolePlaying illustrated Manual,  WarBlades, of more than 700 pages. Some of his works and short- stories have  been  published on American Aphelion Webzine, WeirdYear, Quantum  Muse,  Antipodean  SF, Schlock!Webzine, SQ  Mag, etc.,and  in  print  inside 32  American Horror/Sci-fi/Fantasy/Steampunk  Anthologies52  British Horror/Sci-Fi Anthologies2 Urban Fantasy/Horror Canadian Anthology and 1 Sci-Fi Australian Anthology by various publishers, and 16 more to follow in 2017/2018.

He is also a scale modeler who likes mostly Science Fiction and Real Space models, some of his little Dioramas have been shown also on some  Italian (scale model) magazines like  Soldatini, Model Time, TuttoSoldatini  and online  on American site StarShipModeler, MechaModelComp, on  British SFM: UK site  and  Italian  SMF .

Some Sci-Fi/fantasy/Horror short-stories by him in Italian have been published on Alpha  Aleph, Alpha  Aleph  Extra, Algenib, Oltre il Futuro, Nugae  2.0, SogniHorror, La Zona Morta, edizioni  Lo Scudo, Antologia  Robot  ITA  0.1, Antologia  Il Segreto dell’Universo,  Antologia  E-Heroes,  etc.’

The internet site of his Model Club “La Centuria”: www.lacenturia.it

Here a brief presentation of Michele DUTCHER  who edits all the first draft of Sergio’s short- stories:

Michele Dutcher, aka Bottomdweller,  lives  in a carriage house in Old Louisville Kentucky with her border collie – Daisy Dukes.  She has a BS degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University with minors in theology & sociology  and  has been writing Science Fiction stories for about a decade. She edits all the first drafts of Sergio’s short stories.

Catch Sergio this year in our Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology, with his historical fiction horror tale, “Whizz-Bang Attack,” following a firsthand account of terrifying experiments during the First World War.


Tarquin Ford is the pen name of an Atlanta-based writer of strange tales. He learned while working in the pennies-for-blogposts trade that his real name is so common that it renders him anonymous. His work has appeared in thousandandonestories.com, Yellow Mama, J.J. Outre Review, and Infernal Ink.

Catch Ford this year in our Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology with his interesting tale, “Fresh Face,” following a demon who pulls the levers in the minds of a married couple, resulting in a rather visceral ending.

Karley Campbell

New Zealand native Karley is a part time librarian who writes when not eating or sleeping.

Catch her in our Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology with her short story, “Tom’s Thumbs,” following a narrative in the style of the Brothers Grimm that follows a demon who hopes to exploit a woman’s distaste for her husband as a means to obtain a new body.

C.P. Dunphey


C.P. Dunphey is the author of the critically acclaimed science fiction/horror novel Plane Walker, editor-in-chief and founder of Gehenna & Hinnom Books, Editor for the Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum, and active member of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Authors.

Having a keen interest in Science Fiction and Horror since a very young age, C.P. Dunphey hopes to establish Gehenna & Hinnom as a powerhouse publisher in his favorite genres whilst helping other authors achieve their goals and well-deserved recognition.

Catch Dunphey this year with his short story collection Lidenskaap, and the release of the mass market trade paperback version of Plane Walker, both releasing in late-2017. Dunphey will also edit the Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology from Gehenna & Hinnom.