Accepted Stories for Body Horror Anthology Thus Far

Here you will find an–alphabetized by author–list of all stories that have been submitted and accepted for our Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology.

“Slobber” by Shaun Avery
“Eruption” by Charlotte Baker
“Devil’s Tears” by Shadrick Beechem
“An Angel Among Us” by David Beers
“Human-Kings” by Austin Biela
“Wrigglers” by Chantal Boudreau
“Little Monsters” by Ed Burkley
“Tom’s Thumb” by K.M. Campbell
“Family Dinner” by A. Collingwood
“The Itch” by Stuart Conover
“The Blind Assassin” by Damien Donnelly
“Flesh” by James Dorr
“A Normal Son” by Spinster Eskie
“Gas Mask Baby” by Santiago Eximeno
“Human Body” by Balázs Farkas
“Fresh Face” by Tarquin Ford
“Meet the Wife” by Kenneth C. Goldman
“Madman Across the Water” by James Harper
“Mantis” by Kourtnea Hogan
“Cicada” by Carl R. Jennings
“Tetanus” by Christopher Vander Kaay
“Grub” by Alexander Lloyd King
“My Love Burns with a Green Flame” by Thomas C. Mavroudis
“The Face in the Mirror” by Sean McCoy
“Porphyria” by John McFarland
“Things” by Rick McQuiston
“The Flesh Gardener” by Jeremy Megargee
“Ear Wax” by G.A. Miller
“The Face” by Kurt Newton
“Battleground” by Drew Nicks
“Whizz-Bang Attack” by Sergio Palumbo
“The Always Watching Eye” by Gary Power
“Hot Flashes” by Jenya Joy Preece
“The Implosion of a Gastrocrat” by Frank Roger
“No Strings” by Josh Shiben
“Babel” by Ian Steadman
“A Pound of Flesh” by Edmund Stone
“Conditioned Apocalypse” by Aric Sundquist
“Length” by David Turton
“Natural Growth” by Mijat Vujačić
“Utter No Evil” by Joseph Watson
“Down Where Her Nightmares Dwell” by Sheldon Woodbury

If you are an author, or you know someone who is an author, please share with them our call for submissions. It is a paying market and we want to find the most macabre and morose tales out there.