Accepted Stories for Transhuman SF Anthology Thus Far

Here you will find an–alphabetized by author–list of all stories that have been submitted and accepted for our Year’s Best Transhuman SF 2017 Anthology.

“Through Eden Took Their Solitary Way” by Joseph Aitken
“Machinery of Ghosts” by Morgan Crooks
“Tech Support” by Blair Frison
“Neon Eyes” by Carl R. Jennings
“Repli-Vacation” by Chris Vander Kaay & Kathleen Killian Fernandez
“Manifest Destiny” by Guy Immega
“The Martyrdom of Brother Tokto” by Derek Nason
“The Scarecrow Parade” by Kurt Newton
“Becoming” by Julie Nováková
“The Unbeatable Ones” by Sergio Palumbo
“Some Assembly Required” by Victor H. Rodriguez
“The Transition” by Frank Roger
“Mimescape” by Damir Salkovic
“Walls of Nigeria” by Jeremy Szal
“The Wasteland” by Sheldon Woodbury

If you are an author, or you know someone who is an author, please share with them our call for submissions. It is a paying market and we want to find the most intriguing and mind-bending tales out there.