Hinnom Magazine Story Log – Issue by Issue

Greetings from the Nether Realm,

Here you will find a list of the stories and articles included in each issue of Hinnom Magazine, in chronological order.

June 30th Issue – 001

The Saraya Cover


Questions over Innsmouth: Interview with Lovecraftian Scholar S.T. Joshi


“The Sarāya” by Ryan Fitzpatrick
“Wax Soldiers” by Kurt Newton
“Bequeath” by G.A. Miller
“Hunger” by John Leahy
“Nailed” by Michelle Mellon


ALIEN: COVENANT and the Search for Ridley Scott: A Gehenna Post Review



Edited by C.P. Dunphey

Cover Art by L.A. Spooner


August 30th Issue – 002

HP Lovecraft front


Enquiries From the Abyss: An Interview with Dark Fiction author T.E. Grau


FEATURED STORY: “Godmouth” by P.L. McMillan
“Black Dog” by Max D. Stanton
“Death Carriage” by Matthew Penwell
“The Little Dead Thing” by John S. McFarland
“Vessel” by Ibai Canales
“Dry Bones” by Charles D. Shell
“The Nocturne of Manigault” by Joanna Costello
“Nothing but Dans, All the Way Down” by Konstantine Paradias
“The Power of Hate” by Hugh McStay
“Spidering Down an Alley” by Jeff Johnson

REPRINT: “Last of the Aztec Riders” by Mark Mellon


OATS STUDIOS: Volume 1 — Rakka, Firebase, and Zygote — A GEHENNA POST REVIEW SERIES


Edited by: C.P. Dunphey

Cover Art by: Matthew Andrew


October 31st Issue – 003



Questions from the Void: An Interview with Dark Fiction author Philip Fracassi

Inside the Shadow Booth with Dan Coxon


FEATURED STORY: “Limbs” by Jim Horlock
“Home Again” by Adrian Ludens
“Jennifer Brings it to Work” by Jack Lothian
“The Enamelled Crown” by Steve Toase
“Reflected in the Eyes of Wolves” by Joachim Heijndermans
“Lump” by DJ Tyrer
“Bonjour, Stevie” by David Tutron


DEMONS (2017) and the Quest of Indie Film

BLADE RUNNER 2049: Modern Struggles of a Visual Masterpiece


Edited by: C.P. Dunphey

Cover Art by: Travis Holmes


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